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Foam Sheets


Foam Cutting and Design LTD supply a large range of polyurethane foam sheets in many thicknesses and foam densities. These sheets can be used for many applications in the upholstery trade, bedding trade, packaging, children’s soft play, arts & crafts, TV stage props just to name a handful. 

Take a look at our foam sheets range and if you do not know what density is best for your application, then do give us a call to discuss what foam will best suit you. Tell: 0117 9414035 or email: [email protected]

Sheet foam densities and uses explained

RX 24/130 – 24kg low density foam ideal for budget headboards, packaging, costumes, car trimming, crash mats

RX 24/90 – 24kg super soft low density (ideal for seat backs)

RX 28/ 150 – 28kg medium density foam used for kids soft play toys, budget mattresses, packaging, headboards, sound proofing, soft play wall padding, car trimmings   

RX 30/125 – Medium density softer feel foam used for mattresses, headboards, mattress toppers 

RX 33/190 – Medium density but quite firm. Ideal for lower cost seating, firm lower cost mattresses, crash mats, camper van rock’n roll beds, boat seats and mattresses

RX 36/125 – Medium density for softer sofa cushions, good quality mattresses, sofa bases and backs

RX 39/200 – High density very firm best quality foam for sofa cushions and seating, firm campervan mattresses, sofa arms, caravans, camping thin mattress 

RG 50/135 – High density softer luxurious seating grade foam, sofa cushions, caravan seats 

RB 95 – Very firm high-density reconstituted foam used for bench seating, bar stools, soft play floor pads, machinery packaging, soft play equipment

VC 50/55 – Medium density memory foam mattresses and toppers 

VC 50/40 – Softer medium density memory foam mattresses and toppers

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