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Relaxation Memory Foam Bean Bags

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These high quality commercial grade memory foam bean bags are widely used in high dependent special needs centres as well as anywhere else you may require large robust soft comfortable support mattresses where an individual needs to rest for long periods of time. They come in a range of colours in our 900gsm commercial grade easy to wipe clean vinyl. With the added benefits of Promedical, Rhinoguard undercoat to the fabric and Stain Erase. 

Shielding Life against infection. Promedical is highly combative and proven to counter the spread of MRSA, E.coli, and other dangerous bacteria. It was developed in a unique collaboration between a leading British pharmachemical company and one of Europe's industry giants. Contact us for more details.

Rhinoguard provides a high-tech additional undercoat to the fabric surface guaranteed to enhance wearability and extend the life of your furniture. All the polymer layers, and not just the skin coat, are also uniformly coloured with high-grade pigments. Contact us for more details.

Stain Erase is a specially formulated coating produced in the Netherlands that increases resistance to staining. Stains that would otherwise prove indelible can in most cases be entirely eradicated. Everyday stains should be wiped clean with a damp cloth, while tougher stains should be dabbed with rubbing alcohol.  Contact us for more details. 

BS 5852 Ignition Source 5, BS 7176 Medium Hazard, BS EN 1021-1 and BS EN1021-2, Furniture and Furnishings Regulations Schedule 4 & 5.

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