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Nautolex Maritime Vinyl Collection

A premium upholstery fabric designed as hard wearing seating vinyl, suitable for both internal and external applications. Unique Prefix finish is designed to be easy to clean, antibacterial and mildew resistant, providing a versatile hard wearing product that you can be confident using.

With a large selection of colours this vinyl fabric is ideal for boats internally and externally as well as garden furniture and any other outdoor upholstery settings.

These materials are be made to meet the exacting standards set by RINA, the internationally recognised company responsible for recognising excellence in the marine and shipping industry. These marine fabrics are also manufactured with special additives to improve their colour resistance to UV light that can cause fading. They also have anti-mildew properties that are important for preventing potential mould to the upholstered areas of boats and ships exposed to the elements.

Weight: 660gm2   /   Width: 137cm     Thickness: 1.07mm    Abrasion Resistance: 60.000 cycles   UV Resistance: 600 hourse+  / Fire Retardant:  BS5852 part I, IMO  /  Anti-Bacterial Treatment/ Mildew Resistance: PreFixx Finish

Nautolex Maritime Vinyl Collection

Contact us to discuss which fabric and colour preference will suit your project. You can then also request a sample sent to you.