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How To Measure Your Replacement Foam Requirement

It may be you are looking to replace the foam in your sofa cushions or some new foam in a loose window seat. Replace foam inserts in your boat cushions or campervan mattress. It is essential you give us the current measurements.

Some tips when measuring

·        It is not recommended to measure the foam as it is probably worn. If at all possible leave the foam in the cover. Stretch out the cover both ways while measuring seam to seam or piping to piping. Same goes for the thickness. Stretch out the fabric and measure the border size seam to seam or piping to piping if it has piping.

·        If you only have the cover then stretched out and follow the above procedures. It sometimes does not hurt to add 10 mm or ½” to your sizes especially on medium or softer density cushions. If you are going for a high density then measure exact and not add anything on.

·        When measuring for sofa cushions or any other cushions that requires a polyester wrap. Simply use the border thickness for the foam thickness and add the wrap which will fill your cover out and look plump giving a good appearance.

·        For any shapes that are not square or rectangular. You would need to send us a template or sometimes it may be possible to send us some dimensions.

·        If you are not sure then it is always best to give our friendly team a call to discuss how we can help you with your request.  

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