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FCD are offering Headboards foam

Whether you are a headboard manufacturer or a keen D.I.Y enthusiast who wants to make your own headboard for the home. We can supply in various thicknesses and densities to suit your preference. You might require a low cost budget grade like the 24kg density or a plush medium density more expensive looking headboard using the 36kg or 50kg density.

Headboard foam grades explained:

  • 24KG – Low cost budget foam
  • 28KG – Low to medium cost budget foam most popular
  • 30KG – Low to medium density, good quality foam headboard
  • 36KG – Medium density, comfort very good quality
  • 50KG – High density with soft luxury hardness quality foam

Contact us to discuss which grade or foam to suit your needs or use our foam cut to size calculator to purchase your headboard foam, if you know what you require.