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Curved Sofa Cushion

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Has your sofa cushions with curved top front edge gone flat? Looking tired and uncomfortable to sit on? 

FCD offer a range of foam densities to suit your preference. 

The following four main foam grades listed below are what we recommend for these sofa cushions.

RX36/125 – A softer medium density foam for cushions where you want to sink into the cushion. Ideal with a polyester wrap if your cushions are quite thick at 5” and above as choosing high density might be to firm for some people. Also used this grade for firmer feel back cushions.

RX33/190 – This medium density foam is ideal for any seating purpose where your budget is a little tight and you require a hard cushion that makes you sit up and supports your weight well.

RX39/200 – This grade of foam is high density and is widely used for sofa cushions and any other seating. It is very firm and this high-quality resilient foam will make your cushions last longer. Ideal for thinner cushions because of its firm feel and equally good for heavier build people who might require a high-density cushion. It can be used with or without polyester wadding wrap.

RG50/135 – This foam is a high quality grade foam that is ultra-comfort allowing you to sink into the cushion with the softer hardness that will support your body’s weight still. Ideal for cushions that are 5” and above and with or without polyester wrap.

You can also add our high quality polyester wadding wrap to your foam cushion inserts in either our 6oz or the thicker 12oz wrap. Take a look at our sofa cushions information page for further information. 

There is also the option to add stockinette to the foam + polyester insert or simply just add stockinette to the foam only cushion insert option. 

 Please note in the shape foam density options there are other foam densities that can be selected. These are if anyone requires this foam shape option for another purpose other than sofa or seating purpose. We would recommend one of the 4 options above for any seating applications.

 Contact us if you would like any further information or help choosing the right foam and polyester combination to suit your sofa and preference. 

Tel: 0117 9414035 or email: sales@foamcut2size.co.uk

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