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Have your sofa cushions gone flat?


You can replace them with top quality, high resilient foam.

We can supply foam for various applications such as sofas, 3 piece suites, boats, caravans, mattresses, overlays & packaging just to name a few.

Trade customers and quantity orders please contact us 

for discount  and trade rates.

How to calculate the cost of your foam you require.

Use this simple formula to work it out with the measurement in inches

 Length x Width x Depth and divide the total by 144

next times the total by the price per Sq Ft Per Inch



You would like a piece of foam cut to the sizes below

Width = 24inches

Length = 24inches

Depth = 5 inches



W24" x L24" x D5" = 2880 

2880 divided by 144 = 20

20 x Price of foam per sq ft per inch

eg: RX39/200 @   .99p

20 x .99p = 19.80

Plus the VAT  (3.47 @ 17.5%) = 23.27


Prices of foam per square foot per inch.

RG50/135 : Heavy domestic, luxurious quality

1.19 per sq ft per inch: ideal for better quality comfortable sofa cushions, caravan and boat cushions. Soft and Luxurious but with good support.

RX39/200 : High density, high quality & made to last 

.99p per sq ft per inch: ideal for such uses as sofa cushions, caravans, boats, window seats firm mattresses and overlays.

RX36/125 : Medium density, luxurious & comfortable recommended @ 5" or above.

.90p per sq ft per inch: ideal for such uses as sofa cushions, high quality backs, caravans, mattresses, overlays and bed wedges.

RX28/150 : Economy (Budget Grade) ideal for occasional use.

.72p per sq ft per inch: ideal for such uses as packaging material, headboards, mattresses, pet beds, back cushions, bed wedges and children's soft play products.

For the more awkward shapes simply take the largest dimensions L+W+D and use the above formula

Note: a paper template will be required for awkward shapes to be cut.

For a small additional cost cushions can also be supplied with a polyester wrap & stockinette. This gives a better look and finish to the cushion as well as enabling them to slide into your covers easier.


All products can be delivered ( Small carriage charge applies ), for more information give us a call or use the Contact Form on this site,



Foam Cutting & Design will deliver all orders in the Bristol area that are 50 + VAT or more

 Free Of Charge


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